Saturday, August 29, 2009

Colin's 30th Birthday

August 24 is the day the world celebrates the birth of that remarkable individual, Colin George Haspedis Dixon. His nearest and dearest usually look forward to celebrating the day WITH him at Twin Lakes. This year we all suffered without his physical presence but we kept his spirit in our hearts and thoughts, making decisions we knew he would be making for us, were he there.

The day began with sunshine on the lake and Canadian geese shouting his praises. Lynne and Linda started the day on the golf course. Amy and Erin headed into Couer d'Alene to do a little bit of work at the wifi bakery, in order to feel free of work for the rest of the week. Barb and Claudia rode bikes into Hayden for coffee, enjoying the comfortable morning on the Rathdrum prairie.

Around 2:30 pm everyone convened on the dock. Anita was already sipping her first G&T to start the celebrations off right. Sunscreen was passed around and banter shared. Lynne commented on the great waterski book in the cabin (from Colin to Barb at Christmas). Barb threw out the challenge: Hey, why don't Lynne and Claudia and I triple ski together? Lynne said, " Sure- great idea!" and we were off... I just stood there stuned while all was prepared around me and before we knew it, but after a quick G&T for courage, we where on the lake. Linda had her initiaion as a ski boat driver and all went extremely well. Who even believed it would happen- not BARB!
Of course Cameron was entertained by the episode, so Lynne asked if he wanted to ski with her and Barb. He said maybe Wednesday but Lynne and Linda would be leaving next day. As soon as Kurt got home from work, Cameron and the Haspedis blonds were out on skiis. It took a couple of tries for Cameron to get the wiggles out and feel confident, but he made it up and so did the "girls". That is what the lake is all about- passing on the tradition of prodding and pushing from one generation to the next. Great times!!

Now it was time for the kids to perform. Amy disclosed her shame at not jumping off the swinging tree 10 years earlier. Lucky days! The cocktail cruise that evening passed right in front of the swinging tree. With Erin's tutaledge, Amy followed up to the platform and quickly plunged into the water to the applause and toasts from all.

But the day was not over. After a great dinner, wine and relaxing there was just enought time for "peep smores" around the fire. The stars were bright and the evening warm. As Claudia moved away from the fire to enjoy her her perfectly roasted peep, she stepped off the patio a little higher than she judged and sprawled along the driveway. " Where is my peep?" she queried after assuring all that she was uninjured. The beam of the flashlight found it stuck to the back of her shoulder! Really, can a day be celebrated with more hilarity!

So Colin, you were missed in body but loved and celebrated in spirit. The coming year can only hold more adventures, hilarity and love with this kind of start.


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  1. Thank you Claudia for the play-by-play on such a wonderful day! What a great reason to celebrate! I'd say WWCD (what would colin do?) is a good strategy on an August day.
    Or September, for that matter...mountain adventures and apples, perhaps.