Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lilacs Everywhere

With the beautiful weather this weekend gave the Northwest, the fragrance of lilacs filled Tulin Road. There is nothing that says Springtime more than the smell lilacs. They are everywhere in the house now- bedroom, living room and kitchen in big bunches. Even with the cold gray rain today, I stay happy with the reminder that warm weather and sunshine do return from time to time.

This leads me to my thought for today . My ferry ride to Seattle gave me time to finish a book by John Straley. I recommend this author. He has a nice poetic voice in his story telling and IS the poet lauriet of Sarah Palen's state, you know! His little story of the 1930's in Seattle and Alaska reminded me that all life is movement forward , backward, then forward again. Sometimes the backwards times seem to be all we feel - they go on and on. All we can do is keep swimming against the current to keep ourselves from sinking. Sometimes the current of life seems to help us along a little but then we are tossed back into the storm to struggle beyond what we believe is our limit. Eventually we learn to follow the current, hoping it will carry us to our destination or at least keep us wishing. Then one day we notice that the sun is out and we are happy. We have a life that holds our dreams when we didn't even realize it was happening.
In the midst of uncertainty and change, breath deep and try to float a little. Let the current of life do some of the hard work and know that you will get to the place you long to be. If you enjoy the trip then it is even better so splash around a little.

Happy Springtime to you!

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