Sunday, February 8, 2009


A weekend break from the cold. 60 degree Saturday drove the last ice off the sidewalk. But wind is bringing a chill back already and we are collectively reminding ourselves that this happens every year - the burst of spring to let us know there's light at the end of the tunnel, but snow and slush will force the wipers and blinders back on before we really reach it.

Coco also makes me wonder what cares one loses or gains when he or she decides not to BE something, but to DO something.

Here's accidental art of the day. In the evening, when the light is rich, abandoned grocery bags, picked up by winds and caught by sharp branches without their green summer mitts, glow like that plug-in globe I hauled out of the dump when I was ten. I loved that globe. Ditto these treed plastic bags (which are SO depressing on grayer days of winter, when they look like old dead snow without the strength to stay upright).

Strange quote encountered this week. From the Mary Oliver book from Lynne and Linda:
I... heard, in that lonely place,
two voices coming down the hill,
and I was thrilled
to be granted this secret,
that the coyotes, walking together
can talk together,
for I thought, what else could it be?
And even though what emerged
were two young women, two-legged for sure
and not at all aware of me,
...and though I knew
I had believed something probably not true,
yet it was wonderful
to have believed it.
And it has stayed with me
as a present once given is forever given...

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