Monday, February 17, 2014

Officially one year a Grandma

Well, it can't be ignored! I have been a real grandma for an entire year to the cutest granddaughter in the world. It is expected that grandmas will have a wallet full of photos to press upon anyone they meet. Although I don't have wallet photos, I will press birthday photos upon everyone who missed the celebration.
Okay everyone, drum roll...

Edie's birthday is January 30 but we all gathered to celebrate en mass on February 1, at her new Seattle home. There were family and friends to eat cake and toast with champagne. Lynne and Linda threatened to bring a pony to the party but brought a rocking horse instead, much to Kyrsa's relief. Interestingly, Eidie's great aunties both brought bikini swim wear to get her ready for summer lake fun with fashion.  There were lots and lots of other toys and books but the obvious favorites for the day were the balloons. The pink balloon was good but oh that Mylar balloon! Eidie made it bob and weave like a boxer.
Eidie and her balloons

Mom, Eidie and Granny Sullivan

Eidie's first birthday, with birthday cupcakes and candles, rocking horses and balloons
Birthday songs to prepare...

...for the real fun!

- the first celebration but so many more to come with such adventure and accomplishment ahead because she is supported by so much love.
Eidie know how lucky she is!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

One Last Walk in the Snow

Today was a surprisingly white snowy day on Tulin Road. It was one of those rare winter days when the snow falls at night, waking the morning in white. It was a perfect day for a walk and of course David and Duffy took full advantage. They made prints in the snow and discovered a  weird furry animal on the roadside.

It was a day for spinning by the fire and feeling warm and cozy. The kind of winter day we all love. Duffy jumped up ready for dinner but when he started to eat, simply fell over with a final collapse.
Duffy at his favorite spot

At almost 13 years old, Duffy had been slowing down this last year but he still enjoyed his daily walks down Tulin Road as one of the official road crew.
He and we were lucky to see him  happy for his 13 years at home and to know that his final hours were entirely what he wanted them to be- walking in the snow with David, sleeping in the sun room and knowing each day held 2 full meals and an after-dinner snack.

Duffy came to join us from the Kitsap Humane Society in April of 2001.

I rescued (?) him to give David a companion for running. It was an obvious success.

Duffy was not the best trained dog- he was rescued by poorly trained parents- but  he was the gentlest of dogs. He loved people of all ages, was tolerant of all other dogs and loved the lake. He loved to swim after frisbies and jump after skiers (and Anita if she tried to dive).

Duffy with a new dog lover
We will miss his quiet presence in our home on Tulin Road but are so very thankful he went gently on to a new home with lots of treats after dinner. He will be buried in his field where he protected the chickens and goats and let us all know if we where visiting without including him.

Good bye Duffy.
 With love from Mama Llama and David

Duffy Guarding the dock

Duffy and Ruby on a summer walk