Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy 3 Kings Day

Well, Here is a New Year's resolution- I will not wait for an entire MONTH before writing! I was absolutely aghast when I noted that is had been an entire month since I last "spoke". All those great ideas and thoughts of the moment lost into eternity- almost a tragedy.

But worry not, I am back. It has been a busy last month as you know because  I have been able to be with most everyone who reads this missive. Still there is always something to tell. It is the especially rainy season in the Northwest and cold to boot but I will head out today to groom rabbits and take good care of animal shelters before the next storm. I am also busy, wanting to spin and weave for 4 blankets in the next 5-6 weeks. I have lots of reorganizing and restructuring to do before the garden season is on me. So I will be rushing around for the next 2 months like the chickens without their heads cut off.

The chickens are busy as well. They have dug through the garden and turned it over much like a real tractor. I am taking it all in stride and deciding it must be the time to start from scratch because they certainly are not discriminating between  perennials and annuals. Maybe the perennials will shoot back up in March when my tractors move to their spring space.

Today I made the hotel reservation in Cambria where we will meet Ralph and Judy in February. It is part of David's Christmas gift but one that is am much for me as for him. We fly in to San Fransisco and will rent a car for a week with the hope of popping up to see Kyrsa and Dave in Healdsburg on the before leg and Colin in Susan after the coast. It will just be for a short overnight hello but still fun to see their homes and lives in California, since David has not had a chance to do that.

The holiday were great and filled the last month with visiting, gifting and sharing. I am left with great memories and lots of gifts that spark those memories when ever I need a little energy boost. I realize what a energetic, giving and fun group of people I call my friends and family and am inspired to meet their examples- then I get off my "seat" and start that next project. (I have to start WATCHING my language since Erin had me listening to Savage Love podcasts for her interview preparations!) I do have lots and lots of ideas for new changes and creations but I need to keep reminding myself to enjoy what I am doing now without feeling anxious about moving on to the next idea.

I am happy to say I am able to move on to the next book now! I finally finished "Never Let Me Go" by Kazu Ishiguro. It was well written with an interesting premise but slow and slightly removed, in my humble opinion. I have read now 3 of this authors novels. They are strongly written but not compelling reading. In the end they are thought provoking but in a rather morbid and isolated way. I think I may have finally had enough. On to Peggy Guggenheim- a particular heroine of mine! Crazy and rich is really my dream-life combination.

For now, I must head out to clean my own rabbit hutch and feed my own goats. Crazy but NOT rich- at least half of the dream. Happy Three Kings Day to everyone. We still have the Holiday with us and can remember to give gifts everyday in our action, in our words and in our creative energy. What we give away with love and joy always comes back in multiples. Give lots and receive back the surprises with grace.

Mama Llama